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In less than 7 days we can get you access to auctions nationwide. Guaranteed! Buy vehicles and power sports at wholesale prices and resell at a profit. More »

Gain Access to Thousands of Vehicles

Sport Utility Vehicles, Sports Cars, Luxury Autos, Compact Cars, Motorcycles, etc. More »

Make Money Exporting Overseas

Learn how to get the business contacts needed to transport cars overseas. More »

Get Paid Big Money Delivering Expensive Cars to High Profiled Customers

Learn how to sell expensive cars to high profiled customers using no money of your own! Profits can range from $10,000 to $30,000 on one deal! More »

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Your own wholesale license or you can retail through us using our consignment service. More »


What Can We Do For You?

  • Want a Retail Car Dealer License, Dealer Insured Plate (Special Provisions May Apply), Access to Car Dealer Only Auctions Nationwide and Sell to the public? We can show you how to get a car dealer license in which we can get you setup in less than 7 days!! ($995 Value)
  • We can set you up with your own Wholesale Car Dealer License and office space. You can sell to dealers on their lot or to dealer only auctions. Wholesalers under any circumstances are not allowed to have contact with the public so let us offer you our vehicle consignment services and retail the car for you! ($2995 Value)
  • Free 1 hour auction consultation services are included. We can train you on what cars to buy and which cars to stay away from. If you have no experience then contact us first before you purchase your first car at the auction. We have experience in the auto industry and have been in the trenches and we are still in the trenches. When you talk to us you will be able to tell. We want to ensure your success so we will tell you all of the do’s and don’ts of buying and selling cars. ($295 Value)
  • Get access to expensive cars without using any money of your own!! All necessary legal forms and documents are included. We walk you though each step of the way to close the deal with those high profiled customers including delivering the car to them. ($395 Value)
  • Whether you are already an independent car dealer and want to partner with us or just need some advice then you can benefit from our dealership partnership agreements and state specific operating agreements. You can pay a lawyer hundreds of $$$ who knows nothing about the business of at least selling a single car other than his own business of practicing law or you can just use our ready made agreements that are already in use. We can draw up state specific operating agreements to protect your dealership LLC. Please call for details!
  • We can teach you how to setup your own online car consignment business and take advantage of Craigslist sellers and even other car dealers. From business licensing to ready made websites and matching business cards to all forms and agreements. Why not collect fees from matching buyers and sellers? You don’t even have to buy not one car to do this!



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